Hi! I'm Marie-Aline and welcome to my Blog!
I live in a small town in West-Flanders / Belgium.

No crazy expat stories here but spending 5 years in Southern England to study was the greatest experience and I truly dream of going back one day. 

Moving back home my first blog appeared!

During this occasional blogging a husband , a Buddy (dog) , a numerous amount of chickens ( and equal amounts of horrendous slaughter sprees by unknown subject) and an Alexander ( baby) came along.
For the Alexander we had to endure some heartache and patience over the years.

Some of you might relate, whether you have children or furry children (I mean animals folks, no abnormally haired tiny humans)
that keeping a household clean,fed, healthy and happy is a full time job and that the trending hashtag #artofslowliving is an epiphany if you're working full time. 

So many of my recipes will include ingredients such as prepared lentils or condiments and apologies for not making home-made mayo every single time...there are socks to assemble and toys to gather.

So hopefully this Blog will give you some stress free yet tasty and healthy recipes.

After all, our food is the fuel we need to live on each day, Amen.



* We love vegan recipes but are not 100% vegans, so vegan or possible vegan recipes are marked with a "(V)"



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